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15 Ratings


Ross and many of the other members of ceremony are keen on evolution. This is their most powerful album yet and I strongly encourage everyone to listen deeper to the meanings of these songs. There is a big message. They aren't 19 anymore and they don't feel like "packing their fist full of hate" anymore. They are growing up. Someday you will to and you will learn to appreciate the great things that they have to offer. This album will be the best ceremony album yet.


evolution that is needed

this isnt a b52...... but if you remember a band called joy division you would appreciate this evolution away from the hardcore genre .....i saw this style coming after zoo it was bound to happen and it did and im happy

Troy hhfdhhdtb

Not my fav but something different

They have a Interpol sound to them now

About Ceremony

Dealing in hardcore punk that's punctuated with explosive fits of sonic violence, Ceremony formed in the California Bay area in 2005. With a sound that fused the no-nonsense hardcore of bands like Black Flag and Suicidal Tendencies with the unpredictable outbursts of Dillinger Escape Plan, the band cultivated a brutal sound that owed just as much to power violence as it did to old-school punk. In 2006, the band made their full-length debut with Violence, Violence, a 13-song, 13-minute long album that found the band exploding onto the scene in a burst of unfiltered aggression. The quintet followed up with a pair of releases, 2008's Still, Nothing Moves You and 2010's Rohnert Park, released on Bridge 9 Records. The band eventually began to tinker with their sound, tempering their raw, aggressive approach with post-punk influences like Wire and the Fall. After a surprising move to indie giant Matador, the band debuted their new sound in 2012 with the release of their fourth album, Zoo. By the time of 2015's L-Shaped Man, traces of their hardcore roots were all but gone in favor of a more melodic, brooding sound that recalled bands like Joy Division and Bauhaus. ~ Gregory Heaney

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