11 Songs, 40 Minutes


About Beth Wood

Taking a rootsy approach to both amplified pop/rock and acoustic folk, Beth Wood is a versatile singer/songwriter/guitarist who has lived in different parts of Texas and the Deep South, and currently resides in Eugene, Oregon. Wood, who is blessed with an impressive vocal range, was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, where she sang in a high-school choir before moving to North Carolina to study voice at Brevard College for two years. After moving back to Texas, Wood earned a degree in literature from the University of Texas at Austin and became active in Austin's music scene. Then, she lived in Asheville, North Carolina for a while before ending up in Atlanta, where she signed with the small Autonomous Records in 1996. Wood's debut album, Wood Work, came out in 1997, following by New Blood in 1998. But, unfortunately, she found herself without a label deal when Autonomous went out of business only three months after New Blood's release. Finding both of those albums out of print, Wood recorded her third album, Late Night Radio, independently and put it out herself in 1999. Subsequent albums include Ghostwriter (2001), You Take the Wheel (2003), Marigolds (2005), Beachcomber's Daughter (2008), The Weather Inside (2011), and Sometimes Love (2014), the latter of which collected works from Wood's Song of the Month club, which she instituted the year prior. ~ Alex Henderson

Lubbock, TX