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Spread the Word! Tina Malia's "The Lost Frontier" Needs to be Found!!


Tina Malia is in a class all of her own. To try and compare her to any singer/songwriter on the charts today is nearly impossible, especially if you're trying to compare the level of her talent with absolutely anyone out there. She is a classically trained musician who is equally adept at creating a specific backdrop for her songs by infusing different genres of music effortlessly as she is at creating globally relevant narratives through her lush story telling. If that weren't enough, she plays practically every instrument on the CD, while also being a producer and engineer (she even created the artwork for the CD cover and is the driving creative force for her videos). Her first foray into pop/electronic music, "The Lost Frontier" is ground that few pop or electronic artists tread because they simply don't have the musical chops or creative intelligence to go down that road. Malia infuses everything from pop, jazz and soul to electronic, dance, world and folk genres and creates multi-layered pieces of art with each individual track: the sensuous "Serendipity," the global electronic observations of the title track, the sexy thump and groove of "Ambrosia," the driving/escalating dance beat of "Undercover," the haunting, melancholy of "Warrior," the mystical/drum-pounding "Spinners of Yarrow," the throwback to 60s folk in "Four Leaf Clover," the inspirational groove of "Spark," and the contemporary hymn that will have you mesmerized by the purity of Malia's voice and the depth of her talent "Til Morning." "The Lost Frontier" collectively is a journey that you will want to take again and again for at every new listen you discover another observation or layer that Malia has woven into the very core of her compositions and then suddenly you realize the individuals pieces of art collectively make up a masterpiece. This type of talent needs to be uplifted and her keen awareness of the world and insight into humanity could help us all get back on the right path.



Everything about The Lost Frontier is absolutely beautiful. The places this album will take you is well worth the $10 cost of admission....

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