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Frenzied, contemporary metal that defies convention.


Frenzied, contemporary metal that defies convention.

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Already 3 studio albums deep and from the sound of "The Brain Dance" this upcoming 4th album will once again push the limits of progressive/fusion metal. Their organic approach to music has always made ASL ahead of the curb. Individually Tosin, Javier, and Matt bring their own individualistic talents to the group but combined they continue to create a new breed of metal that makes you stop and question what you thought music was. Great work guys!👌🏾 Can't wait till the album drops!

Dancing brain


So stoked on this new album... November 11th needs to hurry up!

About Animals As Leaders

After playing for a few years in the "straight" music world as a member of the uniquely virtuosic Washington, D.C.-based metalcore band Reflux, seven- and eight-string guitar wizard Tosin Abasi was asked to record a solo album by the group's then-record label, Prosthetic Records, once the group disbanded. At first, Abasi declined on the grounds that to do so would be "egotistical," but he eventually relented and founded a new entity named Animals as Leaders (inspired by Daniel Quinn's 1992 anthropocentric novel Ishmael) to function as this solo project. An eponymous debut album followed in April of 2009 and saw Abasi handling all guitar and bass tracks, while drums and other synthesized sound effects were programmed by engineer Misha Mansoor. Abasi and company followed up in 2011, when Animals as Leaders released their sophomore effort, Weightless. The following year, the band signed on with Sumerian Records, where they would release their third album. The resulting The Joy of Motion, released in 2014, debuted at number 23 on the Billboard 200 chart. Described by drummer Matt Garstka as "the most collaborative effort for the band" to date, Madness of Many, the group's much anticipated fourth studio outing, dropped in 2016. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

    Washington, D.C.

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