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A new force to be reckoned with.


I'm a long time Crowes fan, as well as the efforts of both of the brothers Robinson in their solo incarnations. When I heard about the Magpie Salute, I was all at once excited beyond belief, and skeptical as hell. Was this outfit going to work without the other brother on the vox? This album proves it does. And to great effect. Having Marc Ford back along with Sven, is just a thing of beauty. It's so good to hear the chemistry of these fine musicians mixing again. Joe Magistro has his own groove going on that I have loved through all of Rich's solo albums, and feels great here as well. And perhaps the best surprise is John Hogg. His vocals truly mix well with Robinson's, and does justice to some of the Crowes catalog they get into. "Wiser Time" will always be a favorite Crowes tune, and the two sound fantastic together here. And in true artist fashion, the songs have their own vibe going on, rather than just trying to cover their old songs. "Home for Me" is a great example of this. Their original tunes absolutely rock too, and I can't wait for them to start digging into some more original writing. And I love the, "let's put as many people as we can fit on the stage" approach Rich is going for. The energy that comes from this band is formidable, undeniable, and directly translates to this record. I already have tickets for 3 of their shows over summer and now I'm even more excited!

Same familiar birds, different feathers


Make no mistake, the band doesn't deny the presence of four key members of The Black Crowes - in fact, they embrace it. The band's first opus pays homage to the past and paves a future for the band's catalog. With the greasy rocker "Omission" as the only Magpie original, the rest of the album features covers of The Black Crowes, Pink Floyd, and The Faces just to name a few. Members of the Crowes faithful will recognize What Is Home and Wiser Time. What Is Home is actually reworked here with a new intro and with a nice jam at the end. Wiser Time sounds as good as ever with Rich and John Hogg sharing vocals.

You'll dig War Drums

About The Magpie Salute

American rock collective the Magpie Salute were born out of a brief reunion between former members of the Black Crowes, but their undeniable chemistry led to a longer term project. In 2016, Rich Robinson, former guitarist and co-founder of the Crowes, was asked to perform and record for the Woodstock Sessions project; having taken part as a solo act in 2014, Robinson decided to form a loose collective with former Black Crowes members Marc Ford (guitar), Sven Pipien (bass), and Eddie Harsch (keys). Although the sessions consisted mainly of covers, the long-standing chemistry of the musicians convinced them to pursue new material once the show was over. Unfortunately, in November of the same year, Harsch passed away at the age of 59. Robinson recruited drummer Joe Magistro, guitarist Nico Bereciartua, lead vocalists John Hogg and Charity White, and background singers Adrien Reju and Katrine Ottosen to fill out the lineup. The Magpie Salute were ready for their first proper live show in early 2017, and they performed at the Gramercy Theatre in New York. Their eponymous debut album arrived just months later in June 2017. ~ Liam Martin

    New York

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