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One Stars....

Scot I,

Don't pay attention to the one stars. These are the people that see nothing wrong with flying the Confederate flag. Feel sorry for them and don't let them keep you away from music with a meaning.

Great First Song


I've been a big fan of Jason's since he joined the Drive by Truckers.
Saw him once with the DBT, twice solo. People act like his politics have changed. Are you not listening to his songs? Do you ever listen to him or read his posts? I saw him in a tiny bar in MS when his first album came out. A guy draped a confederate flag over a cymbal during a break and Jason quickly threw it off, and said "Where the hell am I, south Alabama?" He is one of the best songwriters and musicians out there. Listen to the music, enjoy it, and if his politics bother you, don't listen. I'd rather him be real. He always has been.

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