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56 Ratings

The Naturals

If your like me you first got attracted to their hardcore metal sound. They way they could work such amazing brootal breakdowns into their metal music. Well I hate to break the news but if your looking for what Catherine had with their old singer you won't find it here. This cd is so different i don't think you can really compare the two cd's. With a new singer who sounds nothing like the old one, it's a more melodic dulled down version of Catherine. Simpler chours' and actual singing are thrown into the cd. Not a bad cd all in all, it's just a new band with the same name.
I can't wait to see what Cathrine's third cd will sound like as they all mature as a band together.


Pretty good second attempt

If you are buying this album because you really liked the singer's voice on Catherine's first album, think twice because it sounds completely different. The band got a new singer and he sounds nothing like their old one. That said, Catherine still makes great, hard, and fun music. Their lyrics are still great and their signature breakdowns are present in many songs, tho not in as many as their previous album. This album also includes some actual "singing", but is few and far between. All in all, a pretty good second attempt by the band. It's definatly worth checking out.

BTBAM owns

It's Natural.....

..... to say that this album is AMAZING. Granted, the screamer is a new guy, and granted, he could never even TOUCH the old vocalist. The screamer from Rumor Has It was one of the most phenominal screamers I've ever heard, so it's a pretty tough act to follow. Nick has a much more hardcore scream, and it's sloppier and doesn't have the amazing range that the first screamer had. BUT. BUT. BUT. BUT. BUT. This album is still just as amazing. Because the music itself is PERFECT. Catherine have lost nothing in regards to their playing. They have only gained. This album has some of the most gorgeous guitar lines I've ever heard (The Naturals at fifty five seconds(ish) is a prime example). The guitarists are just as well versed in tapping and soloing as ever. The drummer has improved greatly. His fills are more interesting and his double bass work has sped up considerably. One thing that could have so easily injured this entire album is the addition of clean singing and acoustic guitar (and a lot more of it than you would imagine). Luckily enough, they are both amazing contributions to Catherine's clearly mantained sound. The singing is clean, presise, and passionate, and never once misses the mark, and the acoustic guitar is used more sparingly and very appropriately. This is a gorgeous work of art. The thing I've always loved and cherished about Catherine is the way they utilize the guitar. One thing they NEVER do on this album is touch a keyboard. All of the power and beauty screams out of two guitars, a bass and a drum kit, and this album is ten times more powerful and melodic than any synth-core band. BUY. THIS. ALBUM (save for track one, of course. I will admit. Seven seconds is rather rediculous). The Naturals is a masterpiec.

About Catherine

In the early phases of their career, the Chicago-based group Catherine was frequently dismissed as being little more than a second-rate Smashing Pumpkins knockoff. The fact that Catherine drummer Kerry Brown was married to Pumpkins bassist D'Arcy did little to weaken this allegation, along with the notable point that the two bands would occasionally borrow members from one another in the recording studio. In hindsight, however, Catherine probably did not deserve to be pigeonholed in so simple a manner. Although their earlier releases did at times bear a resemblance to Billy Corgan's crew, Catherine eventually discovered their own sound as the '90s progressed, distancing themselves from strictly guitar-based alternative rock in favor of a more psychedelic-tinged indie pop feel toward the end of their existence.

Catherine's original lineup slowly came together during the late '80s and early '90s, with founding members Neil Jendon and Jerome Brown providing the band with their name (for reasons unknown even to them). Along with a drum machine, they were joined by bassist Cliff Fox for their first release, the Sparkle/Charmed 7" single, which was put out on the local Limited Potential label. Drummer Kerry Brown was added soon afterward and the drum machine was shelved; with new guitarist Mark Rew also aboard, the group released the Billy Corgan-produced Sleepy EP in 1994. The EP was embraced in college markets, which prompted the group to sign with TVT for their debut album, Sorry! Due to touring constraints, Fox left the band shortly after the release of Sorry! and was replaced by Keith Brown (Kerry's brother). Catherine's tour in support of the album found them opening for the likes of the Pumpkins, Dig, and Letters to Cleo; as a result of this widened exposure, Sorry! went on to become a fairly large college hit. In 1996, group founders Neil Jendon and Jerome Brown both left the band, a situation that left Rew as the primary singer/songwriter for the final Catherine release, Hot Saki & Bedtime Stories. Rew proceeded to recruit a handful of new musicians for the ensuing tour, but ultimately decided to lay the Catherine name to rest in 1998. ~ Steve Bekkala

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