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4.2 out of 5
144 Ratings
144 Ratings
MetallicaFan94 ,

"Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration!

This is the most beautiful piece of art that I've come across. The production. The music. The sounds. Literally incredible. The album opens with an amazing and catchy song "Iddy Biddy". Next "Quixotica" leaves you full of rock. "Though Criminal" reminds me of "Getting Over You" from the Vulnerable album. Very beautiful and haunting at the same time. The title track "The Ocean of the Sky" is still blowing my mind. It is one of their best songs yet. Leading into Tethys, you get a good 20 minutes of sounds and music that is beautiful to fall asleep to. Feels like you are living through a movie. It is incredible. This EP will blow your mind. Purchase the album for only $4.99 and support the best and constant refreshing band.

He who poops by the river ,


A lot of these positive reviews are saying how great this EP is and most have been reviews posted on the day it was released? As humans sometimes we need time to "digest" music in order to get a true opinion on it. For me, at first listen I think this EP is horrible. The Used have fallen off over the past few records IMO and I believe anyone who gives this EP 5 stars on the day it's released is just a Used fan hoping this Ep will not disappoint, but know very well that it most likely will. I'll give it more a listen, but my expectations are very, very low!

L123456789101112 ,


The used continues to get better. They never fail to disappoint. Amazing!!!!

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