10 Songs, 31 Minutes


About Shopping

Drawing inspiration for their angular art punk from ESG, the Au Pairs, Delta 5, and a healthy distrust of capitalism, Shopping consist of guitarist/vocalist Rachel Aggs, bassist Billy Easter, and drummer Andrew Milk. Initially based in London, the trio formed in 2012 out of Aggs, Easter, and Milk's previous band, Covergirl; their other projects include Aggs' Trash Kit and Sacred Paws and Easter's Wetdog. Shopping honed their prickly, propulsive style on singles such as "In Other Words" and during their 2013 European tour. Late that year, the band released its debut album, Consumer Complaints, on Milk and Easter's MÏLK label. The album was released in the U.S. in 2015; later that year, Shopping's even more sharply honed second album, Why Choose, arrived via FatCat Records. Following the album's release, the band's rehearsal space, Power Lunches, shut down and Milk moved to Glasgow. Shopping adapted, recording their third album with Edwyn Collins at his Clashnarrow studio in the Scottish Highlands. Featuring some of the band's most celebratory music, The Official Body arrived in early 2018. ~ Heather Phares

London, England