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blue kells,

I've owned this album since it came out in May of 2007. I've seen Brianne live and she is just as amazing as she is on her album. If you've ever gone through a break up, or any hard time, this album is for you. If you've ever hoped for more out of life or love, this album is for you. Brianne really gets to the heart of the matter. Her lyrics draw you in and her voice envelops you. You will not be disappointed with this soulful masterpiece.

The view inside someone's soul


What can I say about this album? When I first listen to this album I felt that the artist was giving us a chance to see inside her soul. She seems to express her inner pain which is rarely seen. I have been able to see this artist in person and I have to say that she is fantastic; a real pleasure, the real deal, a trifecta of talent. In a time when music seems to be more about flash, then true honest musical ability. It is a welcome relief to have Brianne Chasanoff come into the scene and give us a piece of her soul.

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