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Favorite Jazz Album of All Time

Dr Dre,

Bold statement yes, and an amazing album. As to my roots: Love coltrane, miles and all the innovators - Holland, here, has taken it to a new level but is true to authentic roots. TThere are some great tracks - from absolutely swinging to cool and mellow. Kevin Eubanks (Jay Leno infamy) plays guitar - FYI and the whole band keeps the motor going with great solos across the board. The first track Nemsis is just kickin - turn it way up for upbeat contempory avant garde jazz that you will play and enjoy over and over. smokin.

great album


this is an ambum definately worth listining to. i would probably pay the price for this album just for the first song "nemisis" this is a great song, with a great bassline, and many other great things about it, haha. and that song is not the only good song on this album for sure, they are all great, and you should buy this album.

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