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41 Ratings

Awesome CD


We've seen The Paper Raincoat perform live 3 times, and each time was absolutely incredible. While a studio CD is typically much higher quality than a live performance, it oftens misses the magic that a great band produces on stage.

This CD captures the magic, without the distraction of a live performance. This is likely due to the fact that The Paper Raincoat produced the CD, and wouldn't have let it out the door until it met their standards.

I highly recommend this CD. Check out their MySpace page if you need a taste first, or just take my advice. ;-)

Meet Your Ears


As a general rule (who follows those anyway), I try to never approach a record with too much expectation for fear of being let down. However, when it comes to The Paper Raincoat, it's impossible to play by the rules. I had high hopes for this album, and they delivered, with an experience beyond my wildest expectations.

Rough Cut is one of my favorite songs of all time, and it's stunning when performed live by only Amber, so I didn't think it could be beaten. I thought wrong. Alex and Amber crafted a beautiful new way to present Rough Cut, and I ended up falling in love all over again. If I had to choose, and believe me, it's hard...Rewind and It All Depends are two of my other favorites. Okay, and Safe In The Sound. And Brooklyn Blurs. And January. The entire collection of songs is absolutely breathtaking.

So go ahead. Buy the album, shut yourself away in a cozy spot filled with sunlight or nightlights or something in between, and experience the fantastical world of The Paper Raincoat. You won't regret it :)

This is quality music, people. Full of love and delicacy and creativity. Your ears deserve the gift.

"The beauty's in the contrast of your clashing parts..."


...So goes one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite songs off The Paper Raincoat's self-titled full-length work, "Don't Be Afraid." The irony here is that the parts in each of the songs of this album don't clash at all; yet, beauty is ever-present in the harmonies and counterpoint that Alex Wong and Amber Rubarth have created. I bought their EP back in December of last year, after thoroughly enjoying their west-coast debut at the SF Palace of Fine Arts. I've been itching to own the rest of the tracks they performed that night for sometime. The Paper Raincoat's music has me humming along in agreement; its fun instrumentation makes me happy and its honest and thoughtful lyrics touch me deeply. It's music that wakes you up in the morning and helps you sleep at night.

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