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37 Ratings
Dirknasty1 ,

Sound's sick to me, awesome sound's

Good job, trent!! :)

mvperry ,


plug remix is absolutely brilliant, my favorite track. hard to pick favorites, each take on the song is unique and original. it's the releases like these that i've always felt set nine inch nails apart. the collaborations involved and the influences that they had on each others' work spawned some unforgettable stuff, like this EP.

laf731 ,

Another way to get original version

Yes, the version of the song that was in the video is on Lost Highway sndtrk, BUT NIN also put out another EP which has a longer version of ORIGINAL song (approx 23 seconds longer, & I love both versions) is on an "album" called "We're In This Together". Fortunately, I put it on iTunes on my computer so I've access to both vers of the song. UNFORTUNATELY, sine I got my first iPod I was stupid enuf to misplace many of the CDs I put into iTunes.& this was 1 so the only info I have is what is in iTunes grid about the CD. Quite annoying to realize that suddenly. Hmm.

Anyway, thought I'd pass that info along to y'all, in case anyone wants another version of the original which is only slightly DIFFERENT, it offers a kittle more at the end. Not the sudden stop. Now, I'm off to see if iTunes has the video from sooo longago of this song, (& to see if they ever got access to the rock version of "theCrow" soundtrack which has a new version of Iggy singing "Now I Wanna Be Your Dog". It's almost a 21st century version... sorry for rambling... Thanks for the music, TRENT, more, please!

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