4 Songs, 11 Minutes


About The Pills

Erupting out of the underground with a handful of catchy hooks and a rock nerd attitude, the Pills became one of the first of the post-millennium rock renaissance artists to make an impact by appearing on the popular Dawson's Creek series. The group first appeared in 1996, after guitarist/vocalist Dave Thompson and bassist/vocalist Corin Ashley decided to form a band together in Boston.

They recruited guitarist Clyde O'Scope (or he was kicked out of a pub in front of them, depending on who's telling the story) and the trio started writing together.

Their first drummer left after a few months and they drafted Jamie Vavra in the mix, finishing the initial lineup.

They were influenced by the sweat-drenched hard rock of the late 70's as well as the punk-influenced pop that was out at the same time, drawing comparisons to artists as varied as AC/DC and Joe Jackson.

Their idea was to tour almost non-stop, so they recorded Wide Awake with the Pills in 1998 and hit the road right after.

Grueling road trips and flights to Europe gave the band experience on the road, turning them from an East Coast bar band to a seasoned rock group during the next three years.

When they returned home, they began work on a new album soon after.

A freak chance of fate got their album into the hands of Dawson's Creek's music supervisor, who drafted the band onto the show to perform "Spork."

The recording sessions resulted in 2002's Kick In, another hard rock showcase that crossed the line between pop underground and hard rock. ~ Bradley Torreano