20 Songs, 1 Hour 17 Minutes


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10 Ratings


Old Guyy

This is an outstanding project that I highly recommend. The "24-Hour" Version (1.0) is a masterpiece when you realize that everything was written and recorded within a 24 hour period. Then when you let the production guys do their work and add the "frosting" I get goosebumps every time. Great job, Scott & Reggie!

huge undertaking!


What a bold move! Well done. You should be proud!

Songwriters’ Masterclass


This project began as a kickstarter project from Scott Krippayne and Regie Hamm where they wrote and recorded all of the songs (1.0) in 24 hours. They got enough backing to then go back in the studio to fully produce the songs (2.0) for a more traditional album listening experience. You would be mistaken that with such a tight self-imposed deadline that there would only be a couple of gems and a lot of filler. But when you combine powerhouse writing talents with endless imagination and musical range, what you get is a diverse and moving journey that feels fresh and immediate and alive. My enthusiasm for the music deepened with the decision to include studio versions of the songs as well. Hearing both the original “demos by deadline” as well as the radio friendly mixes and polish gives listeners the best of both worlds to fall in love with different nuances and emotions in each. Looking forward to enjoying this album for years to come. steven from finland

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