12 Songs, 46 Minutes


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6 Ratings

Owl Rocks


Chris Wyse brings his band of high school brothers together agin for there second album. Wow The Right Thing is even better than Owls first record. It is The Right Thing for Rock and Roll
It's just so good so tight so right. Is it 1995? Alice in Chains dam
Rock is not dead

moving up


I have both the debut title release and now this....much as I love the first, this album even takes things farther. "Signs of Life" is siiiick who is that talking on there> killer stuff

Awesome road music... for a Loud Harley at 85 MPH

Wayne C White

Tight, eclectic, harder than some and occasionally just a bit experimental. There are enough gems that the album is worth the purchase instead of just the one or two you may have heard. For example, “You don’t know what you’ve got” gets stuck in your head and will not let go. A great album, start to stop.

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