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I love this album and his VOICE! It makes me want to grab this cd, get in my car, and go for a cross country adventure now that I have my theme music for a trip like this with "The Road Is My Home" cd! I fell in love with the song "Be My Emmylou" when I first heard it and it was on replay for many days afterwards. "The Road Is My Home" is a great collection of Delvis's songs, spanning all different ranges that Delvis covers. From the mid tempo folksy/ country rockers, the catchy sing-a-long song like "Full Throttle, the rocking out cheeky song "I Can Get Any Girl I Want", his feel good songs like "I See The Star In You", as well as his signature ballads. Delvis's ballads are my favorite and "She Walks in Beauty" is a hauntingly beautiful song and a perfect way to close this album. It's a great singer/songwriter CD to add to any music collection!

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