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5.0 out of 5
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13 Ratings
WKellerman ,

A stellar work!

What an extraordinary experience, created by a visionary! CENTAURI ARRIVAL is infinite in its depth – the heavy, rumbling soundscapes are reminiscent of a large vessel passing by. GHOST SHIPS is very haunting, and the sounds of distant howling have a sort of sadness to it. The high-pitched electronic bleeps of STARSHIP DESTINY HOMEWARDS, and the faint sound of a two-way radio are an amazing touch – a powerful listen!

Drammattex ,

Best yet?

It's useless to speculate as to whether a given album is the artist's best. What is "best?" The play count on the other Jonn Serrie albums in my library--And the Stars Go With You, for example--is nearing 500 plays. There's an expectation I have when listening to an album of "space music," which I can't define, except to point at Serrie's albums and say, "This." It's mysterious, at times frightening, it hints at an inconceivable vastness, and draws the imagination to think on wonders. That's what I get from Serrie's music at least. And maybe The Sentinel is even a little more "This" than his other albums, which I've loved for so long. So very very "this."

eTripper ,

Serrie's latest foray into the hinterlands of deep-space.

"The Sentinel" is Jonn Serrie's latest foray into the hinterlands of deepest, interstellar space. Serrie's newest effort is all, that one would expect of an artist of his stature. The CD is adorned with some astounding 'conceptual art' depicting the visage of a lone-occupant, waiting on a hazy planet, with a large craft, hovering nearby. You wonder is this "The Sentinel"? Are they finally returning, across the distant light-years to collect this solitary being? Perhaps, this is his very first glimpse of contact, or the sinking-feeling of being marooned on an uninhabited world for all time! The score opens with the majestic-feeling of being aboard a craft, that's able to withstand the rigors of space itself. Serrie adds a few glitches on this one, which creates a sense of something interfering with, and obscuring total-clarity. The music is exotic, and hints at curious-things just beyond the crew's limited instrumentation. You also get wispy, ghost-like echoes, and distorted voices, far-off in the distance. Imploring those aboard the 'Day Star' not to linger, at this graveyard-world on the edge of space. It's your choice, to venture beyond the airlock, and investigate further. All these emotions, are wonderfully, and thematically realized by Jonn Serrie on "The Sentinel". Great for fans of Dave Luxton, Ascendant, Simon Wilkinson, Csillagkod, and John Lyell. Highly Recommended.

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