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13 Ratings

In the wise words of my dad, circa 1992...


"I don't LIKE space music. I NEED space music."

Get into it, people.

Masterpiece of Space Ambient

Steely Greg

Anyone who is versed in ambient music knows it’s foundation with artists like Brian Eno, Steve Roach, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and others which has made ambient music a common staple of musical styles with it’s minimalistic, atmospheric and experimental qualities. One person who has also been on the forefront is Jonn Serrie. Since the 1980’s Jonn has been composing and scoring projects for NASA, US Navy, and Planetariums across the United States. His space ambient music is outstanding and this new album from Jonn, “Sentinel” is a masterpiece of what space ambient should be. Each track takes the listener on an interstellar journey. One could close their eyes and feel as they where not only floating through space but landing on a distant planets, each with their own characteristics. As an ambient artist myself composing ambient music is very hard. It’s all about the textures and the weaving od soundscapes into a space of time without the feeling of time. Jonn is a master of this. His gorgeous, lush sometimes even dissonant soundscapes capture what this “Stargazer” feels is a journey into the places we have always wanted to go. Take a listen and take this trip to sonic and atmospheric bliss.

Serrie's latest foray into the hinterlands of deep-space.


"The Sentinel" is Jonn Serrie's latest foray into the hinterlands of deepest, interstellar space. Serrie's newest effort is all, that one would expect of an artist of his stature. The CD is adorned with some astounding 'conceptual art' depicting the visage of a lone-occupant, waiting on a hazy planet, with a large craft, hovering nearby. You wonder is this "The Sentinel"? Are they finally returning, across the distant light-years to collect this solitary being? Perhaps, this is his very first glimpse of contact, or the sinking-feeling of being marooned on an uninhabited world for all time! The score opens with the majestic-feeling of being aboard a craft, that's able to withstand the rigors of space itself. Serrie adds a few glitches on this one, which creates a sense of something interfering with, and obscuring total-clarity. The music is exotic, and hints at curious-things just beyond the crew's limited instrumentation. You also get wispy, ghost-like echoes, and distorted voices, far-off in the distance. Imploring those aboard the 'Day Star' not to linger, at this graveyard-world on the edge of space. It's your choice, to venture beyond the airlock, and investigate further. All these emotions, are wonderfully, and thematically realized by Jonn Serrie on "The Sentinel". Great for fans of Dave Luxton, Ascendant, Simon Wilkinson, Csillagkod, and John Lyell. Highly Recommended.

About Jonn Serrie

Leading planetarium composer Serrie has been looking to the heavens for inspiration for over a decade. Coming from a family ensconced in the aviation field, Serrie now soars and glides with his hands on the controls of analog and digital synthesizers. His rhythmic outings often have an understated heroic feel, although he has also done some more pop-oriented instrumentals on his 1990 release Tingri. However, he seems most at home in the longer-form space-music journeys for which he initially became known. His style seemed even further developed on his partnership with Gary Stroutsos for the 2000 recording, Hidden World. ~ Linda Kohanov



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