12 Songs, 35 Minutes


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Randomly found these guys, glad I did! Kind of a mix of Stephen Malkmus and Maps & Atlases, would totally recommend them to fans of those or other associated bands. Real clean!

About Memory Map

An air drumming- and air guitar-friendly indie rock band with strong math rock tendencies, Memory Map was formed in October 2009 by experienced Bloomington, Indiana musicians previously and concurrently in other Indiana bands. Briefly going by the name Holiday Band, the group consists of singer/bassist Mike Dixon, guitarists Matt Tobey and Mike Bridavsky, and drummer Josh Morrow. Originally titled Memory Map by Holiday Band but switched to Holiday Band by Memory Map after the threat of legal action by a band of the same name, their debut album arrived on Joyful Noise in the spring of 2011. A year later, in debt and struggling to keep his recording studio Russian Recording in business, Bridavsky learned from a friend that a photo of one of his rescue cats had gone viral. The Internet sensation Lil BUB was born, followed by TV appearances, a 2013 documentary titled Lil Bub & Friendz, and merchandising that helped to save Bridavsky's studio. Memory Map's second LP, 2014's Sky as Well as Space, was recorded and mixed by Bridavsky at Russian Recording. In late 2015, Lil BUB released her own album, Science & Magic, written by Tobey and produced by Bridavsky. ~ Marcy Donelson

Bloomington, Indiana
October, 2009



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