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4.5 out of 5
326 Ratings
326 Ratings
Taco it's ,

Trent has done it again.

Holy Crap. I have almost every NIN cd and they never fail to be amazing. During Corona Radiata it’s like I get sent to a whole new dimension while I listen to it. Or the whole cd really. But especially that song. They are just so talented, every cd they have is so effing good, I just can’t get enough!!! I hope they keep making music like, forever lol

An unladen ,

no title

Favorite NiN album yet. So much subtlety, layered riffs, synths in polyrhythms, yet in a smaller more personal package (if that makes any sense). I’m happy to pay for this even if it is free.

TempesT271 ,

My favorite word that starts with 'A' is...

'Epic'. After that goes 'Awesome', 'Amazing, and 'Abnormal'. All of these are precise descriptors of this album, but what sets it apart from most others (this most NIN fans will be well aware of), is that it not only is music, but a place... It sort of makes the movie fit the soundtrack. Each song has its own personality, and weird way of doing things. If you are open minded enough, you will start to see things differently. The possibilities will open theirselves up to you. NiN doesn't taste too great when you're just getting used to it, but it really grows on you, and when it does it never fails to make you feel good. Here are my ratings for this album:
1. 999,999-10/10. Good for an instrumental. Also a great way to start the album.
2. 1,000,000-10/10. Really solid all the way through.
3. Letting You-10/10. Fast paced, catchy chorus, nice classic nin tricks. Good for epic car chases.
4. Discipline-7/10. Overall good song, but there really is nothing that special about it.
5. Echoplex-10/10. Really brings you somewhere. Good concept, cool feel.
6. Head Down-10.5/10-Everything that I like about nin, takes you somewhere, brings things to life, has its own personality...
7. Lights in the Sky-8/10. Slow paced, soft song. Good meaning, balance of vocals and piano.
8. Corona Radiata-7/10. Good instrumental, but it takes too long for anything to happen.
9. The Four of Us Are Dying-9/10. Good instrumental. Takes time to get used to or simply "get".
10. Demon Seed-9.9/10-Great song, interesting experimental lyrics, or more precisely lyric patterns and structure.

Album "The Slip"-20/10. Because its that epic.

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