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Mind-blowingly good


I'm really struggling with how to describe how incredible this album is - I hope y'all can forgive a little hyperbole. The first thing you notice is the sound of Stapleton's voice - a pained and soulful rumble of raspy thunder. These guys know their stuff - they ALL have the chops, and it shows the more you listen to it. Its not pure bluegrass, although it has the traditional bluegrass instrumentation. Its not pure blues, although Stapleton's vocal dynamics alone convey as much loss and trouble as any delta bluesman you can name. What it is, is something completely mesmerizing. At once new and old, familiar and fresh, this album will stick to you like the hottest and most humid summer air. There are no drums, but I swear you'll hear hammers laying track in the distance.

The SteelDrivers


As a Heavy Metal guy, discovering The SteelDrivers wasn't likely. Until someone suggested "give 'em a listen." Listen I did!! Then I obviously had to go see them. Wow! What a wondeful explosion of sonic bliss! I can't seem to put into words how the bluesy undertones just grab your soul and make you want to move! You never notice there are no drums, because your heart will change it's rythem and thump along with every tune. WOW!

About The SteelDrivers

Specializing in a unique mix of what might be called bluegrass soul, the SteelDrivers have featured a group of veteran Nashville session players including Richard Bailey on banjo, Mike Fleming on bass, Mike Henderson on mandolin, Tammy Rogers on fiddle, and Chris Stapleton on guitar and lead vocals. Stapleton's bluesy, hoarse, and Tom Waits-like singing really set the SteelDrivers apart in the often generic contemporary bluegrass genre, where a high and lonesome tenor lead vocal is typically heard. Stapleton's passionate croaking gave the SteelDrivers an authentic, aged, and rootsy feel. The band quickly became a favorite on the bluegrass festival circuit and released a debut album, simply called The SteelDrivers and consisting of all original compositions, on Rounder Records early in 2008. A second Rounder release, Reckless, appeared in 2010. Before recording their next album, the SteelDrivers went through some major lineup shifts, with Stapleton and Henderson both leaving. They were replaced by Gary Nichols and Brent Truitt, respectively, and their next album, 2013's Hammer Down, couldn't help but sound different. Nichols proved to be a fine replacement, though, and the band kept rolling along. The SteelDrivers dug deeper into their soulful side on 2015's The Muscle Shoals Recordings, recorded in the Alabama town where some of the biggest and best R&B hits of the '60s and '70s were cut. The album also featured singer and songwriter Jason Isbell on two songs. ~ Steve Leggett

    Nashville, TN

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