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88 Ratings

Miasawriter ,

The Album That NO ONE Should Miss Out On!

The Tension and The Spark was never released in the US when it dropped in 2004 and that, my friends, was a massive mistake on Sony US's part. And now, in 2008, they've tried to rectify that decision by finally allowing it to be downloaded by Mr Hayes US fans, who had no choice to buy the imported versions of this magnificent offering back when it was first released. (Having said that, its completely safe to say that personally, I've never regretted that decision in the least.)
Speculation on the 'why' of that original decision on Sony US's part no longer matters...the
irrepressible joy is that it HAS NOW been released via iTunes and not one single fan who enjoys Darren's vocal or melodic planes that TTATS will take you to, will be disappointed in the downloading
of this electronically, infused gift that isn't packaged in today's typical slick, glossy manner. But it was packaged in what Darren is very well known for in every musical offering he's presented to the world: TTATS is shared with the world in all of its raw, real, and electronic glory. Its stripped down to what matters both musically and lyrically and Mr Hayes story is told in a manner, in which every musical story should be told: with heart on sleeve and without the aid of an auto-tuner.

It is highly recommended by this fan, that you download the whole album for this reason alone: This album, as well as his other two albums, exude and are delivered with the same vibe that Darren is very well known for. Each album is created in an intelligent story-telling like format and vein, and with good reason stuck behind each song's track placement. Its a thoughtful touch by the artist and one
that is highly appreciated by the listener. His first solo effort, "Spin" and his newest, the double CD "*This Delicate Thing That We've Made", are musical masterpieces that are told in the order in which
the story was received, in time, by himself.

Don't expect The Tension and The Spark to be the newest feel-good pop record in your burgeoning digital album collection..TTATS is NOT that record. Its actually better than that.

Darren delves into a deep and dark place-the story of a soul's real and basic struggle- with this album. Its definitely pain driven to a certain extent. But there's hope at the end of this dank, despairing tunnel that will take you up, around, and down again. And that's why after you download this album, take it
all in, let it TAKE you in, it is HIGHLY recommended that you download *This Delicate Thing We've Made. THAT, my friends, is where you'll find the light poppin' out of every corner, crevice and rock covered opening.

The Tension and The Spark is an amazing, internal gift presented to the external world by a man whose complex, deep and thoughtful nature permeate every cell of this album.

In short: this is the album that you should've heard in America, but never did.

The Tension and The Spark SHOULD'VE been the US's 2004 album of the year. And now that Sony had the good sense to finally release it in America via the miracle of iTunes, hopefully, it will be the most DOWNLOADED US album of 2008. It deserves to be heard. You deserve to hear it. It deserves your time and consideration.

Richard H ,

Truly one of the greatest, overlooked and underrated album of the 21st century.

This is Darren Hayes. This is the way music is and should be. Every song on this album is a GEM. From the haunting "Darkness" to the hopeful "Dublin Sky" to the excentric "Love and Attraction, Darren bleeds out his heart and soul in this album. You actually feel as if your Darren himself, living and breathing the works of this music. It's quite possibly the best of his career behind "This Delicate Thing We've Made". Don't pass up this opportunity to expierence something deep, thought provoking and magical. FINALLY SONY and ITUNES GOT IT RIGHT WITH THIS RELEASE.

sammie202 ,


I already have the album, but I was so happy to see that itunes finally made it available in the US! It really is a fantastic album by a fantastic artist who really deserves more credit than what he is currently getting here in the USA. These songs are all beautiful. I especially love 'Hero' 'Unlovable', and 'Darkness' 'Pop!ular' is also really good for some giggles, because the song is so true!
Thank you itunes, and I hope more of Darren Hayes' music will be added in the future!

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