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4.6 out of 5
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54 Ratings
Shibby_Dude :D ,

The Greatest Album Ever Created? Possibly!

Oceana is one of my favorite bands. They are so unique. They are not anything like any other band. Even though they're post-hardcore, they make it a little softer. Like an easy-listening type of hardcore. They just really have a sound of their own. This album will forever live in my heart. It's one of the most amazing albums I've ever heard. The vocals, screams, drums, guitar, everything just goes together so well and sounds so beautiful. It's such an atmospheric album. Everytime you hear a song off of this album, it takes you to a totally different world. Whether it makes you feel like you're floating in an ocean or floating around in space, this album is certainly moving and very very beautiful... I honestly can't describe how amazing this cd makes me feel! You just need to get the whole thing. You can thank me later! Okay, now a song by song review:

Intro (?/5): It's alright. Just a little sound that leads into "The Accountable."

The Accountable (5/5): No other way to describe this one but amazing. More upbeat and just a lot of fun! Such beautiful guitar work.

Mindless Mindless (5/5): So amazing. This is one of the most atmospheric songs on the album. Definitely my 3rd favorite.

The Portrait (5/5): Definitely another favorite. So atmospheric. The lyrics are a little depressing (about suicide), but overall a great song. So beautiful!

The Tide (6/5): Holy crap! This one is so good! At first I used to just skip over this one, but I actually listened to this whole song, and I heard the beauty of it. The music itself on this song is the best on the album, without a doubt! Now everytime I hear it, I picture myself on a raft just roaming around the world floating on the waves. Definitely the best song on the album!

Come Again? (?/5): A little interlude in the middle of the album. I just bought it because it came with the album.

Hello Astronaut (5/5): 2nd favorite without a doubt! So amazing!! Very beautiful and so emotional. I just love it! Seems so short though. I wish it were longer!

The Conductor (5/5): Another one that I just usually skipped over, but once I heard it, I just was stunned by how good it was. Absolutely beautiful work here! Definitely one of my favorites as well. Another one of the most atmospheric songs.

We are the Messengers (5/5): This song has the most amazing guitar on the whole album. I love it! So very amazing! & the lyrics are so powerful and honest! Seriously, this song has the best lyrics and guitar! Another one of my favorites.

Escape the Flood (5/5): LOVE IT! So amazing. The clean vocals at the beginning of the song remind me of Finch for some reason. Very amazing song though. Very beautiful!

Anthrophobia (4/5): My least favorite from the album. It's very short and easily forgettable. I guess it should have been longer. The lyrics are quite harsh as well!

Reach for the Sky (5/5): The song that led me to Oceana! It used to be my favorite one they did, before I actually got to listen to all their stuff. Such a great one though! Very emotion al. I can feel the intensity of this song throughout the whole thing. Great way to end an epic album!

Seriously, just buy the whole thing!

@capnquark I heard he's teaming up with Of Machines and they're gonna release a new cd soon... Can you say epic?!?! I love Of Machines and Oceana. That's gonna be amazing!

From Andy ,


This album has all the elements that you want in a good band, a drummer that never misses a beat, a group of creative guitarists, an amazing frontman with amazing song writing abilities, to be both melodic and catchy. Buy the whole album if you're willing to take a chance and find a new favorite band.



they have great breake downs and i love the pace of their songs and how they play with the timing of everything and their vocals are flowing with the song and their just plain and simply amazing i think def worth the money

About Oceana

The members of St. Petersburg, FL's Oceana started their band while still in their teens, inspired by moody, effects laden post-hardcore bands like Sparta, Saosin, and Misery Signals. After looking all the way across the country for their Washington State-bred singer, Keith Jones , guitarist/vocalist Alex Schultz, guitarist Jack Burns, bassist Robbie Davis, and drummer/vocalist James O'Brien, signed to Rise Records and began working on their debut album, The Tide, release in March of 2008. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

St. Petersburg, FL



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