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The Berlin producer crafts quietly sinister soundscapes with the help of two ingenious improvisers.


The Berlin producer crafts quietly sinister soundscapes with the help of two ingenious improvisers.

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Henrik at his most emotional


The Triad features Pantha blowing up the emotions from his last solo record and really going for the high, songwriting-driven drama that he’s always hinted at since his Diamond Daze album released on Dial. Stupendously good–don’t listen to the other twatty iTunes review or RA’s review.



My most listened-to album of the year, along with Moon Shaped Pool. Sophisticated, surprising, melodic, and moving, there isn't a track on here that isn't worth putting on repeat...and repeat. Winter Hymn is exquisite.

About Pantha du Prince

German techno producer Hendrik Weber recorded under numerous monikers over the years, including Glühen 4 and Panthel, yet Pantha du Prince became his most well known and celebrated. Weber aligned with Dial -- a Hamburg-based experimental techno label helmed by Carsten Jost, Turner, and Lawrence -- to release his Pantha du Prince material, which is characterized by its downcast and dark tone, as well as by its minimal and experimental tendencies. He made his debut as Pantha du Prince with a four-track 12" release, Nowhere (2002), followed a couple years later by a full-length CD/double LP, Diamond Daze (2004). The album garnered considerable acclaim, with some critics gleefully pointing out Weber's affinity for late-'80s British shoegaze bands such as Slowdive, Moose, Ride, and My Bloody Valentine. His affinity for Detroit techno (à la Carl Craig) and minimal techno (Chain Reaction) was evident as well.

Following a remix 12" (Butterfly Girl Versions, 2005) and a one-off 12" of new material (Lichten/Walden, 2006), Weber released his second Pantha du Prince full-length, This Bliss (2007), which again garnered considerable acclaim. For instance, Spex and Groove -- both German techno magazines -- crowned This Bliss with their Record of the Month awards, while indie tastemaker Pitchfork gave the album a favorable review stateside. Weber switched to Rough Trade for Black Noise (2010), featuring guest appearances from Tyler Pope (!!!) and Noah Lennox (Animal Collective). The likes of Four Tet, Hieroglyphic Being, and Animal Collective provided remixes for XI Versions of Black Noise, released the following year. In 2013, he released his fourth album, Elements of Light -- a collaboration with Norway's Bell Laboratory. Three years later, he returned with the new single "The Winter Hymn" (featuring Queens, aka Scott Mou). The track was the lead cut to his fifth album, The Triad, which was released by Rough Trade in May of 2016. ~ Jason Birchmeier

    Bad Wildungen, Germany
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