59 Songs, 3 Hours 39 Minutes


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18 Ratings
jk001 ,

The missing scores

This album is for those who have seen the movie and really like the orechstral scroes from the movie and complain about there being no complete release of all of the music.. Many of the pieces on this album are either rare(released in extended version of the score) or were never released at all. For example, Bond's funeral in You Only Live Twice is a great piece of short but memorable music. Another example is On Her Majesty's Secret Service this Never happened to the Other Guy. Or the orcehstral version of Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough , or Die Another Day.

DO NOT get this album if you're looking for the songs from the movie or just the main themes done orchestrally. You'll be sorely disappointed.

StringerBell ,

Ummm.... 40 bucks????

OK, granted this is a 4-CD collection, but whenever you see a price this high, you need a reality check. And sure enough, you can get the CD for 4 dollars LESS at Amazon -- $36 -- and the same collection of downloads for only $19.99 at Amazon -- PLUS YOU GET 256 kbps quality and no DRM!!!! WHAT IS APPLE THINKING????!?!?!?!

Big*Al ,

ok, but...

I have the first version of this by The City of Prague Philharmonic, but this kinda stinks cause I would rather have the original music to the Bond movies (mostly the newer ones) rather than this kinda knock off stuff. Don't get me wrong its still good.

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