10 Songs, 38 Minutes


About GUM

Making mercurial neo-psychedelia, often with synth pop overtones, GUM is the solo project of Pond and Tame Impala drummer Jay Watson. The moniker was derived from his nickname, short for Gumby. Watson began recording self-produced music for the project in 2011.

The Western Australia native released his first album as GUM, Delorean Highway, with Spinning Top Music in 2014. Glamorous Damage followed in 2015, and the synth-hook-heavy Flash in the Pan arrived in 2016. Noted by that point for a collectively varied sound that was always trippy, but sometimes drenched in fuzz, sometimes more robotic synth pop, and sometimes crunchier rock, GUM committed to a synth-enhanced psych rock for his more cohesive fourth LP, 2018's The Underdog. ~ Marcy Donelson