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Brilliant from start to end


Following their show on a snowy frozen night in 1989, Bruce invited me onto his tour bus to warm myself up. He is one of the most charming, polite men I`ve ever met, along with The Range, who were equally polite. That said, this album was an amazing follow-up to The Way It Is. All of these songs pour from his soul and heart, something missing from today`s music. A brilliant album.



Bruce is such a kind, down to earth guy. Great singer, composer, and band member. He has had his own band, a solo career, helped the grateful dead tour when they lost Brent Mydland, and made great albums. This is the first full album by Bruce Hornsby that i really stopped and listened too. My dad had it on cassette and we listened to it in the car on a roadtrip. it hit me. This is music. I have never written a review, and i felt compelled to write this one. I ended up buying the physical cd, and have been more hooked on Bruce than I have ever been. i hope he keeps doing what he does for as long as he can!

About Bruce Hornsby & The Range

Possessed of a breezy, nonchalant style that belies his technical gifts, pianist Bruce Hornsby writes powerful songs from the heart that touch on several distinctly American traditions: pop, jazz, bluegrass, and '60s soul. He worked for a while as a studio player and songwriter, and had his first hit in 1986 with the stirring and philosophical "The Way It Is." Since then he has continued to release albums that honor his own muse rather than the marketplace, and has put together various backing bands to suit the mood and style of whatever genre he's working in. Hornsby also has a close musical relationship with the remaining members of the Grateful Dead, having toured as a temporary member in the early '90s and collaborated on off-shoot recordings and live shows.

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