10 Songs, 35 Minutes


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4.8 out of 5

26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Beautiful, peaceful & fun!

Cristine Pauline

Calee Reed has the voice of an angel. I've listened to her sing in church and the goosebumps will not only tickle your arms but move your soul. I especially love "She put the Music in me." Calee sings from her heart and you can tell she's a happy, hopeful-romantic with a lot of talent! I am excited her album is now on iTunes so others can hear her beautiful melodies and lyrics.

True Beauty inside and out


I am so proud of my dear friend (and fake cousin LOL) Calee Reed <3 The simply beautiful tribute to her sweet mother brings me to tears every time I hear the song "She put the music in me" I've always know from the time we were little kids, sitting on the couch with the adorable Schroeder girls lined up in front of us singing us our own little concert, that these girls talent was truly a girft from God. Each one of their voices are so full of life, light and true beauty which radiates from the inside out. I hold each one of these kids and their amazing mom and dad so close to my heart. So many sweet memories that I cherish. Man did we have fun. I've always looked up to them...as people and as a family. They have always been so strong in their faith. They each have a light that I cannot describe that just makes you want to be around them. I love you all so very very much...please always know this. Your always in my thoughts. Thank you for being such a special part of my life. And thank you for sharing your musical talent with me and my family <3 Love Heather Virgin Davis <3

What Joy


This song got local play on the radio just recently. I happened to be driving at the time. First my heart swelled, then I started to cry. Never been so moved by a song before. WOW.



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