12 Songs, 47 Minutes


About Chevel

Chevel (Dario Tronchin) is an Italian techno producer whose works range from hypnotic, minimalist floor-fillers to glitchy, intricately programmed experiments. Originally based in Treviso, Italy, Tronchin (who was still a teenager at the time) debuted in 2008 with Before Leaving, a euphoric EP on Meerestief Records that featured a remix by Motor City Drum Ensemble. He soon moved to Berlin, and his sound changed drastically. The 2010 EP Monad I (Stroboscopic Artefacts) was sparse yet heavy, with stark, pounding beats and little else. Tronchin returned to Treviso in 2012 and launched the Enklav. label. That year, he released a series of EPs on Enklav. that took his sound in further outré directions, from the lengthy, slowed-down dub experiments on The Elements to the acid- and electro-influenced The Building. A lush yet stripped-down full-length called Apply Within was also released on Enklav. He also released Hearing, a more straightforward EP of surging techno, on the Non Series label. In addition, the label released Chevel's second full-length album, Air Is Freedom, in 2013. Rediscovery, Enklav.'s first vinyl release, also appeared that year, as did A Loveable Inciter on Vae Victis Records. He also launched a house alias called Monday Night, and began releasing low-key 12"s on Monday Night Records. The year 2014 saw the release of further 12"s on Non Series (an Air Is Freedom remix single) and Mistry, as well as One Month Off, Chevel's return to Stroboscopic Artefacts, and "Artificial," Tronchin's debut release under the Signalweiss moniker, on the Fracture label. Two volumes of Backwards Loops EPs, containing some of Chevel's most uptempo, energetic tracks yet, appeared on Non Series in 2015, and a more abstract 10" called "E" was released by Enklav. that year. Chevel's highest-profile release yet came in October of 2015 with the Blurse album on Stroboscopic Artefacts, which featured more of a click'n'cuts sound reminiscent of labels like Raster-Noton or Mille Plateaux. Following a 2016 split 12" with Simo Cell and Alex Coulton and the 2017 single "Flying," Chevel's 2018 full-length Always Yours appeared on Different Circles, the label run by Mumdance and Logos. ~ Paul Simpson

Treviso, Italy