12 Songs, 37 Minutes


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4.5 out of 5
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62 Ratings
XX666XX ,

itunes, you are wrong :\

not pop not pop not pop not pop

JayDennis21 ,

Not their best

This album only had 3 songs I could listen to and enjoy, Deadly Weapons, Come Home, and Wake Me Up.
Craig Mabbit and the piano outro with only Alexia's vocals saved the album from being a trainwreck. It just doesn't have that catchy factor that Reach had with songs like Violent Kiss and Sketch in Black and White, or the aggression that Broken Frames brings.

But the biggest thing that turned me off this album was the layered screams, they sounded like garbage and he was much better in Reach when his vocal chords weren't injured. So I give him some slack there.

ESTK is an amazing band but this album was a disappointment and I'd highly recommend getting Reach or Broken Frames (which features a new screamer who is sick) instead.

Ant H20 ,

Love it

The genre of this album is metal, not pop ITunes, get it right.

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