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Wow... wow... and more wow.......

JJ Hollywood,

I am typically not into "Electronic" music. I am more of an indie-rock kind of person. But the reality is that I love a good hook. And songwriting will always win me over. After being turned on to this EP, I have to say that it is absolutely full of amazingly crafted songs with hooks galore! These are not just dorky loops strung together like you hear coming out of people's home studios nowadays with all of the new "YOU CAN BE A STAR TOO"-software pummeling the market (not that I am bitter :-) ).... This is TRUE artistry and TRUE craftsmanship where you can tell that every note and every layer is intentional and beautifully assembled. And the vocals are borderline haunting (in a good way!). I can only hope that this EP helps launch a career. If Moby got his 15 minutes of fame...... this guy deserves at least an hour or two!

Imogen Heap meets The Postal Service - Wow!


The Worthy Ghosts should be renamed "The Worthy Ghost" as its simply a one man affair. The brains behind this EP is Dave Hidek, a young, already accomplished musician from Pittsburgh, PA that happens to be obsessed with hockey. That being said, his music is a delightful mix of electronic instrumentation and interesting lyrics. Dave's ability for understanding melodic transitions and detailed and thoughtful music production enables him to create music that could be blasted as you drive down the highway at night or played softly in the background as you enjoy dinner with your significant other's parents. Its that diversity and completeness that allows you to find something new and different that you like every time you listen. This EP isn't a quick project that sounds like a GarageBand experiment. It's a small (but delicious) taste of what I hope is a library full of projects (solo, production, or as an ensemble member) to come.

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