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Awesome landscape of sounds!


The album "There's a Light" is so diverse and complex. Every track fills the spectrum with deep layers of intensity. Listening all the way through, you are taken on a fun journey full of new sounds that captivate your emotions. The instruments are spot on and the vocal range is impressive. Overall, the production and quality is amazing. There will always be a place in my heart for the Rhodes Mark II piano. It's hard to pick a favorite song, but "There's a Light" and "Sleater Kinney" always get me - especially the chorus and reference to The Smashing Pumpkin's greatest albumn, Siamese Dream, on "Sleater Kinney". This album breaks through genres and exemplifies the honesty and creativity of the artist. Five Stars all the way! Hopefully I can ween myself off listening to ONLY this my iPod.

Soundtrack for my life

Joy Netanya,

Somewhat addicted to this album. Every song makes whatever I'm doing feel like a movie...in a good way! These songs get stuck in my head all day, and the deep lyrics keep the upbeat songs from being shallow. My favorites are Sleater Kinney, There's a Light, and Old Souls. They play a good live show too.

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