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About Big Flock

Born and raised in Maryland, rapper Charles Ulysses Bowman-Bey began performing under the name Big Flock around 2012 when he was part of the group Thraxxx. Along with Lizzle, Freakshow, and Boogie Snow, the other rappers who made up Thraxxx, Big Flock was active in the Washington, D.C. area rap scene, releasing tracks both as part of the group and solo. His solo mixtapes came as frequently as his contributions to Thraxxx, with 2013's Trilluminati kicking off a nonstop stretch of solo projects that grew fiercer and darker as they went. Flock released the Sonny mixtape as well as an EP entitled Live Hungry, Die Fat in 2014, and the next two years brought the mixtapes Glockism, Kill Me Now, and The Great Depression, the latter of which featured guest spots from 21 Savage and Hoodrich Pablo Juan. Big Flock's songs and videos told tales of glorified gang violence and drug-dealing lifestyles, and the rapper lived what he wrote about. He was incarcerated for stretches of his early music career, and in late 2016 he was sentenced to three years for gun and drug charges. In March of 2017, Big Flock penned a regretful open letter to his public, apologizing for his crimes and stating that he finally realized -- a little too late -- that the streets didn't love anyone. The five-page letter was circulated widely and offered heavy life lessons for the rapper's fans and admirers. ~ Fred Thomas