12 Songs, 1 Hour 6 Minutes


About Chris Robinson & The New Earth Mud

b. Christopher Mark Robinson, 20 December 1966, Marietta, Georgia, USA. Best known as the vocalist for US retro rockers the Black Crowes, Robinson went solo in 2002, after over 10 years of service with his former band. He had formed the Black Crowes with his younger brother, Rich, modelling the band after classic rockers such as the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and Led Zeppelin. At the beginning of the new millennium Robinson became linked with actress Kate Hudson (best known for her role as a groupie in the 2000 movie Almost Famous, as well as being Goldie Hawn’s daughter), and shortly after their marriage on New Year’s Eve 2000, rumours began to emerge about the Black Crowes’ impending demise. Despite similar rumours circulating for years by this point, 2002 proved to be the year that it finally became fact, as the band went on hiatus.

Robinson issued his debut solo album, New Earth Mud, later the same year, which predictably, was quite similar in style and substance to the Black Crowes. Upon the album’s release, Robinson headed out on his inaugural solo tour, backed by a band comprising New Earth Mud co-writer Paul Stacey (guitar), Jeremy Stacey (drums), George Reiff (bass), and George Laks (keyboards). The live band helped Robinson complete a second album This Magnificent Distance, a more cohesive and harder rocking set than its predecessor. Following its release, Robinson put together a new band and completed a summer tour before withdrawing from the public eye. When he resurfaced in 2005, it was with the reunited Black Crowes. The following year he embarked on a low-key tour with his brother Rich Robinson.



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