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3.3 out of 5
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58 Ratings
Ride1066 ,


Typically, I like to give an album at least a few spins through before making a decision about it's quality. Unfortunately, with Three Chords and a Half Truth, I could barely suppress my utter disappointment while attempting to get through the entire set during the first listen.

This LP is basically a mid-tempo rock album, which is fine... if you're a mediocre, mid-tempo rock album writing type of outfit, which Face to Face is not. The definitive punk rock this band delivered so dependably on albums past is nowhere to be found on this polished, over-produced audio bore. The music is bland and lacks direction and creativity; the lyrical content and subject matter are well beneath Trevor's characteristic writing edge.

Face to Face apologists will inevitably manufacture excuses to adopt the, "glass half-full," perspective; they have their work cut out for them with this abomination.

138 the don ,

narrow minded

lot of people living in the past on here, if you want to hear old face to face then listen to big choice or dont turn away. dont slam a record because it does"nt sound the same as the last one. thats like saying you should stay in the mindframe of a sixteen yearold all your life. music is about emotion as you live your life. all face to face albums have a different feel but the same feel, if you know what i mean..

GuyNubian ,


The sad truth...face to face is an amazing band and is not boring at all...but, this record is boring. Is Trevor even enjoying singing these songs? I don't hear any passion or excitement from the band in this record. This band made stellar top notch records through the LIVE album back in the day...and then...something happened. The band probably should have stayed broken up and Trevor could have started a solo career...this just isn't face to face. I'm all for a band changing and progressing through time...but this?...for this band?...not feeling it...I really want to like it but this mid tempo rockability, country tinged rock or whatever it's called...I don't get it. If you grew up with this band you don't get it either...right?

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