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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.8 out of 5
442 Ratings
442 Ratings
Mike G. ,

Lightning in a Bottle

One shining moment and this was it. I bought this album when it came out on the strength of the first single "Selling The Drama" and was blown away. It became THE soundtrack of my life for about a year. I went to see them perform during this time, and the show they put on that night, to a soldout crowd in a sweaty packed college gym, was an absolutely amazing experience. It was obviously a show that had been booked before their huge rise in popularity, nearing the end of their tour. They were on top of the world but still too hungry to notice. When they hit the chorus of "I Alone", I thought the roof was going to collapse. This was their moment. I went to see them perform on subsequent tours. but the spark was never quite the same. And I wanted to like all of their subsequent albums as much as this one, and there's some good songs on each one, but like the shows, they just made me realize how special this album was for them. It's what happens when a group of teenage buddies, get together, form a band, and somehow manage to transcend their own limitations to create something magical. It was their time to shine, and they did, brilliantly. They didn't need a greatest hits record. This is it. Live. Throwing Copper. 5 stars. Lightning Crashes indeed.....

T.J. ,

Throwing Copper - Thowing Hits at you

Live's Throwing Copper is and was one of the most definitive albums of the mid-90's. Solid hits such as "Selling the Drama" and "I Alone" started the string of hits to follow. "All Over You" and "Lightning Crashes" are sing-along radio staples that still permeate the waves today. Don't overlook this pristine recording that has sold almost 6 million records! Listen to "White, Discussion" once and you'll listen again and again.

pigybank ,

One of the Best

Its not secret among those who know me that Live is my favorite band ever... PERIOD! That said, this album is the one that hooked me, and is one of my favorites for sure, though Birds of Prey is tied for first in my book. Album after album, Live has kept evolving, and though sometimes its taken me a while to adapt to certain changes, in the end I always end up absolutely in LOVE with their work. If Throwing Copper were any better than it is, it would have to have been written by God himself. "I Alone" by itself is worth the purchase of the album... but no... there's 13 more tracks, each just as good. If I could rate it six stars I would.

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