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Mastered for iTunes

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71 Ratings



Chloe's voice is over the top!

Talented !!! She's A WINNER

Basic b

Amazing talent her voice !!! Is unique and captivating !!!

Blake’s no Dummy


Though not a vocally challenging song, this girl’s talent cannot be denied. Blake chose two very different (yet both country artists) in the bag for top 12. Leaving the 4 remaining artists on stage vying for that last spot were 2 more country artists and a balladeer who had an off night (and was singing in the wrong key,) so I forgive Blake for making me #tempcrapstain my nervous system but when he began by saying “This artist surprised me...” I resumed normal breathing! I love love LOVE this girl! She’s mesmerizing and she is in MY finale. Haven’t not purchased anything she sang on the show as well as on YouTube. Doubt that’ll change every round she survives! Blake is the king of strategy AND knowing what America will vote for. At some point Mister Shelton will morph into a producer/artist hybrid. His deft and calculated choices on this show have been no accident made even more impressive by his ability to take non-country artists to the top on this show. He will be country’s producing star maker much like Pharrell is with the artists he produces.

About Chloe Kohanski

A soulful, throaty-voiced rock singer, Chloe Kohanski first came to the public's attention as the winner of the 13th season of The Voice. Born in 1993, Kohanski grew up in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, where she became interested in singing at a young age. After high school, she entered Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee, with plans to earn an English degree. However, she soon dropped out to pursue her music interests, and worked at a local Starbucks to help make ends meet. She eventually moved to Nashville, where she performed locally before successfully auditioning for a spot on the vocal competition program The Voice in 2017. Initially competing as part of judge Miley Cyrus' team, Kohanski was briefly eliminated before opting to continue on judge Blake Shelton's team. In December 2017, she was named the winner of The Voice, and released her coronation single "Wish I Didn't Love You," which was included on The Complete Season 13 Collection. ~ Matt Collar

Mount Juliet, TN
December 29, 1993