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About Avalon

There are a number of musical groups called Avalon, but this one isn't a group, it's a single person, Tim Handels. He was born in the United States but later moved to Brussels, Belgium. It was there that he started his musical career around 1992, working under the name THC. Handels only completed one recording using the name before he switched to Avalon. Handels learned to play his first instrument, the guitar, when he was a teenager. It wasn't long before he put together a band of his own, Greebo & Groove Co. It was an educating endeavor that found him performing at local gigs, gaining confidence with each show. The group lasted until Handels was nearly 19. In 1993 at the age of 22, working as Avalon, he finished a debut album, Earth Water Air Fire. It was released under the SSR label in Belgium. Some of the tracks on the album are "They're Multiplying," "Ladybug," "Never Cry," "Stillwaters," and "Midsummer's Night Dream." Most of the numbers are a mix that falls somewhere between electronica and house style music. ~ Charlotte Dillon

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