1 Song, 1 Hour, 3 Minutes


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3.8 out of 5

32 Ratings

32 Ratings

Outstanding meditation music


This album was my first experience with Hemi-Sync, and when I listened to it for the first time, I was easily able to turn on my 'third eye' and see an incredible 3D view of my meditative world. I know I was in a different state, due to the music, because in the physical world, I cannot see true 3D images due to eye problems. To anyone who wants to truly travel to a different place, Hemi-Sync works!

Timeless Piano Music


I have purchased two other Monroe related hemi sync CDs. As far as I can tell this is simple piano music without any of the undertones I love in my other CDs. The undertone that appeals to your alpha brain and pretty much puts you into a drooling trance which is terrific and better than Monkey Mind. This music would be perfect for a massage event and I plan on giving mine to my massage therapist. Pretty piano music, if there is any subterfuge appealing to parts unknown of the brain I am too obtuse to pick up on it.



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