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Too be, is what i'm talking about


This has to be one my new favorite albums!!


Nervous Rex ( Marsh ),

All theses guys are good friends of mine, one of the bands early records and I think; their best - Buy this record, it rocks!

About The Holy Cows

The Holy Cows first got together in their hometown of Chelsea, MI, back in 1987 while founders Michael Feeney (bass/vocals) and John Popovich (guitars/vocals) were still in high school. It was quite a while before the Midwesterners managed to finish their first CD, but the self-released debut, Get Along, was worth the wait. A jangly combination of alt-country and indie rock, Get Along almost awakens ghosts buried deep underneath the tiny Athens, GA, pubs once haunted by a young R.E.M. After Get Along received greater than expected regional attention from college radio, the Holy Cows were signed to independent label Big Pop Records, which promptly re-released the group's first offering. The 1997 follow-up, Blueberrie, was rolled out to a similarly positive response. The single "Punched a Friend" made a brief foray into the exclusive realm of commercial radio (where tiny outfits like Big Pop never compete with the marketing and talent muscle of the majors). Not much was heard from the group after Blueberrie, but the Holy Cows left a decent legacy in the form of their two staunch, energetic releases. ~ Vincent Jeffries

    Chelsea, MI

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