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Carey downplays multi-octave vocal fireworks in favor of cooed phrases and rapid-fire word slinging, an approach that fits the restless vibe of tunes like “Migrate” (a club-hopping duet with rapper T-Pain) particularly well. She decks herself out in Jamaican trappings in “Cruise Control” and invokes the lush elegance of disco in “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time.”


Carey downplays multi-octave vocal fireworks in favor of cooed phrases and rapid-fire word slinging, an approach that fits the restless vibe of tunes like “Migrate” (a club-hopping duet with rapper T-Pain) particularly well. She decks herself out in Jamaican trappings in “Cruise Control” and invokes the lush elegance of disco in “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time.”


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4.1 out of 5
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2.9K Ratings
escobarsweetland ,

Best Mariah Album since Butterfly

This album is pure excellence...and it is the emancipation of pop Mariah. Every song is utter joy, made with exquisite lyrics, fun rhymes, and mind blowing lyrics.

1. Migrate - Mariah's most hardcore hip-pop song till this day, featuring t-pain and Mariah on autotune..destined to make clubs go crazy

2. Touch My Body- We All Know

3. Cruise Control- very "festive" song and I love Mariah singing in patois, not the best for me but it is a grower

4. I Stay in Love - We Belong Together Part 2...the vocals are stunning and the end shows us that Mariah is here to stay.

5. Side Effects -its a great song for timbaland fanatics and people who like songs from the Future LoveSex Sounds record from Justin Timberlake. Lyrics are very personal to Mariah.

6. I'm That Chick - Quite European sounding. Very light and relaxing

7. Love Story - Yet another catchy radio friendly love song.

8. I'll Be Lonvin' U Long Time - This will be a #1, one of the best album cuts and a personal favorite. The song is very fun and the beat is very energetic. The vocals are all upper register belting and it feels like a song that was recorded during the daydream era.

9. Last Kiss- Filler in my opinion, but Mariah does an amazing duet with herself in the end

10. Thanx 4 Nothing - Grower, very similar to songs from TEOM

11. O.O.C- Sounds like a song from Rainbow and it has Mariah singing in her lower-mid register which she hasn't been doing for a while. Very catchy

12. For The Record- Favorite song on the album...it was used for M by Mariah commercial. The instrumental arrangement is genius, and the vocals are mesmerizing, Mariah sounds amazing and is very emotional. Mariah doesn't throw random vocal gymnastics, the song is utterly soothing.

13. Bye Bye- Destined to be Mariah's 19th number 1, this is One Sweet Day meets Breakdown.

14. I Wish You Well - Gospel song, which proves that the great vocals have always been there, This song is very similar to Vanishing, and the song can be easily confused to be a cut from Mariah's Debut album in 1990 or the Emotions album in 1991. This proves that Mariah is here to stay and should never be understimated as an artist.

Overall I give the abum a 4.5/5 stars.

cocoacub ,


MC has done it again the album is great every track is great
you have to get the Japanese Bonus Tracks 4Real4Real and Heat
are good they add to the album. I have to say 4Real4Real is sooo good
it should have been on the regular album. She is back eating right
she has changed her life if you didn't see her on Oprah then you missed
out. I wish she would have done more than just the song Bye Bye
1)Migrate 4/5 very catchy song with T-pain
2)Touch My Body 5/5 Love this song with the hook
3)Cruise Control 4/5 very nice beat I love the way MC spells out Cruise
4)I Stay In Love 5/5 MC is bringing the heat with this slow jam
5)Side Effects 3/5 Good song I have to listen to it more but still good
6)I'm That Chick 5/5 This is my fav song right away that Michael Jackson hook added in is sweet she is working it
7)Love Story 5/5 If this will be a single it will go to number 1
8)I'll Be Lovin U Long Time 5/5 That Beat is sick work it MC
9)Last Kiss 4/5 Another slow jam very nice
10)Thanks 4 Nothin 5/5 JD is working the Intro and MC is working it
11)O.C.C 5/5 Love this song she co wrote with Da Brat
12)For The Record 5/5 JD again is working his magic on this track
13)Bye Bye 5/5 Sad but moving song about people that are gone or no longer in your life
14)I Wish You Well 5/5 Classic MC taking it back like its Vanishing part 2
I know the bonus tracks are not here but here but here they are anyway
15)Heat 3/5 Its an ok song I guess I need to listen to it more the opening is sweet
16)4Real4Real 5/5 This should have been on the CD... MC and Da Brat are working it
this would be another number 1 if it was released here in the US but since it is a
Japan only song we will never hear it

ALDProdcutions ,


This album is unbelievable, it honestly is. I remember when I first listened to these songs on the internet; I couldn't believe how great they all were. Each song is a classic in my opinion. The music style is varied, different songs appeal to different people, but one thing is constant: excellence. I’d like to see critics say something bad about this album…

MIGRATE: What an addicting song, honestly. I cannot stop listening to this amazing song, all the way from the beginning to the end its so much fun and so interesting. It reminds me of "its like that" from her old album, but it’s so much better. Even listening to the preview makes me feel like dancing, and the chorus isn’t even on the preview!

TOUCH MY BODY: Is such a fun song, just like the music video. It’s only a preview though of the rest of the album, and if I would rank all the songs on the album it would actually be pretty low on my list. And considering it was able to make Mariah’s #18th, I think we can expect many, many more from this album. I actually listened to this song a cappella on YouTube, and it’s hard to tell the different. That just proves how amazing of a voice Mariah has!

CRUISE CONTROL: What’s great about this song is how varied it is, and how many different melodies she gives us...but still each individual part is great, from the verse to the hook to the chorus....it’s just great

I STAY IN LOVE: Of course, Mariah is able to give us a great slow love song. her voice, as usual, has her unique and amazing quality, the background music is very simple, yet adds a lot to the song, making it one of the best slow songs on the entire album

SIDE EFFECTS: My vote for the best song on the album, defiantly. This is because Mariah’s opened up and talked about something close and personal to her, and it shows through the song. Even past that it’s just an extremely addicting song. The chorus, especially, gives me a certain mood while i listen to the song

IM THAT CHICK: Saw her sing this song on the hills, and it was great. This song is not my favorite on the album, but it just shows how Mariah is able to mix up how she sings to give in to different styles of music. It might not be my choice, but someone else may be in love with it

LOVE STORY: This is actually a very touching song, down to the lyrics. The chorus is typical for Mariah, she is somehow able to sing a slow song without letting it get boring. I don’t really like the opening so much, but as it repeats itself throughout the song it adds a lot to the song

ILL BE LOVING YOU LONG TIME: This song is also a great tune to listen to, even if it may not be my favorite on the album. But, it’s nice to listen to the different types of music she has on the album, just like this song. And, the beginning of the song I really do like, the layers of Mariah’s voice

LAST KISS: Another Mariah classic, you can hear her amazing voice throughout of it, you can hear her emotion, in this slow song

THANX 4 NOTHIN': Doesn't really appeal to me yet, but as many Mariah songs I think it may grow on me. It’s different though, a great exploration of something different for Mariah

O.O.C.: First off, I want to say that I love that Mariah is using some of her own slang in her songs, I find it very funny and somehow makes the song more personal. (O.O.C stands for out of control) the beginning is great, I sometimes just listen to the beginning over and over again, but the rest of the song only gets better. This is def one of my favorite songs

FOR THE RECORD: Fun song, great variety from Mariah, but kinda boring to me. Not one of my favorites, but it’s still a great song (shows you how good this album is, that even the bad songs are good)

BYE BYE: Touching song about Mariah’s dad, very very addicting song. The beginning verse bothers me, but the rest of it is really nice and enjoyable. The chorus is especially addicting, with the mix of the suddel background music

I WISH YOU WELL: Good song for Mariah, good vocals (as usual)

All in all, this album is a great album after a long wait. I think anyone could enjoy this album. I can't wait to see how successful it is, and can’t wait to see it help Mariah surpass the Beatles for the most number one hits!

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