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This band rocks!!!


Worth downloading or picking up. Most amazing female vocals in years. She actually sings, with an occasional howl, no wierd cookie monster or puking vocals. Sarabeth sounds like Ann Wilson with a heavier sound. Twin guitar attack takes you back to early Priest/Maiden. Production is a little raw, but I like it cause it sounds like a throwback to NWOHM. Very bottom heavy, but very cool. Hope these guys make an impact. Stand out songs Elegy, Party (ready to roll), Flames and Mountain.

Unapologetic rock n roll

The Fordham Baldies

How can I describe Tower’s first album……Start with 1 cup of Iron Maiden and add a half cup of Dio-era Sabbath. Stir in some early Judas Priest and Motley Crue and a dash of Sex Pistols and bring to a boil. Season with mid-80s hair/glam rock particularly Kix and Nitro. Cook until HOT!! Recommended wine pairing: f**k the wine, just serve this one up with some Jack. This is definitely a throw-back album that will transport you to the 80s rock/metal sounds and style. Whats unique here is the variety of hard rock/metal/punk influences you will instantly recognize throughout the album. The riffs are heavy, the vocals aggressive and with 2 guitarists comin at you, some wild guitar solos and licks. All super high energy particularly the frontwoman – if this is what she sounds like live, their concerts will be definitely worth checking out. Unapologetic rock n roll and I like it.

Whole CD rocks


I’ll wait to buy the CD. I purchased Elegy as a download just to have it on my playlist. The CD I sampled on YouTube and its hard and heavy the whole way through. I’m glad to see a newer band reach back and play traditional metal. Metal the way it was made to be played. Oddly enough I am not a fan of female metal vocalists but Sarabeth pulls it off immensely well.


Employing a lethal mix of no-frills hard rock and riff-driven heavy metal, New York City's Tower bring the party via chops, attitude, and hooks. Fronted by powerhouse vocalist Sarabeth Eve Linden, and featuring the talents of James Danzo (guitar), Zak Penley (guitar), and Philippe Arman (bass, backup vocals), the band, who formed in 2015, cites Slade, Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, and Scorpions as influences. Tower inked a deal with Manhattan indie the End shortly after forming, and released their much anticipated eponymous debut album in 2016. ~ James Christopher Monger

New York, NY


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