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Best Running Songs Ever Recorded


Speed Zone 200 is the best album of songs ever recorded for fast runners and serious athletes. I guarantee that listening to this mix while running will transform your workouts and take your fitness to a higher level. Buy this album, use it while training, and you will become a faster more efficient runner. I am an experienced runner, coach, and have completed 9 Boston Marathons. I first listened to Speed Zone 200 while training for last year's Boston Marathon. Listening to Deekron's mix at 200 bpm made it easy to maintain cadence of 200 strides per minute. Although some may think speed is complicated, it is a simple equation. Speed = Stride Rate X Stride Length. Speed Zone 200 makes it easy and fun to maintain Stride Rate at 200 strides per minute. All an athlete has to do is enjoy Deekron's album, focus on opening Stride Length while maintaining 200 bpm cadence, and you will be flying! Running at that high cadence of 200 bpm is totally enjoyable with Speed Zone 200. Listening to Speed Zone 200 during 2012 Boston Marathon was the perfect way to maintain consistent pace and beat the record heat. I have witnessed Speed Zone 200 bring dramatic improvements for me and other athletes. I coached several other runners to use Speed Zone 200, and everyone improved their PRs (Personal Records) significantly. My 11 year-old son wanted to try listening to Speed Zone 200 while running --- his speed and fitness took off as he learned to maintain consistently high cadence. Deekron has produced an incredible product --- Buy this album, Use it regularly, and Watch your life change as you become significantly faster with Speed Zone 200. Get it, and get in motion with Speed Zone 200. The only request I have for Deekron is can't wait for next album with Volume 2 of Speed Zone 200 to use for Boston Marathon 2013. Every runner, athlete, marathoner, and coach MUST TRY Speed Zone 200. You deserve opportunity to take your fitness to another level with this incredible album. Buy it, use it, run fast, improve fitness, and be best athlete you can be.

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