"Trance of the Cobra, Dance of the Tiger" by Mantra Bros on iTunes

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New Fan of Trance

Mambo Monster,

I am primarily into the Latin Dance scene, and am a big reggaeton fan. When I read the same people that produced El Meneaito had produced a Trance Album with the Mantra Bros, I took a listen. This stuff is really good. I can't get these tunes out of my head. I tried listening with headphones, and man o man it really does change the sensation "big time." I am hooked.

Cutting Edge Meditation Trance


It is going to take awhile for folks to really appreciate these guys. The combination of old world instruments with electronic tracks is amazing. These guys came out of no where, but worth the wait. In a truly intrigued by their music. It has been said many times before in other reviews of their other albums, but use a good set of headphones when you listen. Makes a big time difference!

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