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4 Ratings
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Henry The Third

I guess I will be the first to dedicate a few minutes of my time to write down a review for this album by Henry Santos. First of all I would like all readers to know that this is a authentic review meaning this is not a fake bought review/comment, I was not paid to leave this review, I don't work for a record label company, no bribe here because sadly to say this is happening in the music business.

Secondly, congratulation to Henry Santos for staying alive in this tough genre, Bachata. I say tough because it appears that the people only focuses on one artist ok maybe two artist and it has been like this for a very long time. The genre of Bachata needs to keep growing we the people need to support independent artist which is why I am pleased with purchasing this album.

Henry has proven that he is a determined artist with a lot of talent. While in Aventura, many criticized him for only snapping his fingers on stage and worrying more about how his hair looked. Many said that he would be nothing without the group, well here he is with a third album, toma in your face and without a major record label, doing it with his own company " Hustle Hard Entertainment" I respect that a whole lot more than the big record companies.

I like the name of the album " Henry The Third" it's quite clever tiene doble sentimiento. Henry, once the King of New England and Henry one of the original Kings of Bachata. Overall I do like this album it's soothing to the ear very gentle touch like the type of Bachata you would listen to on the beach watching the sun go down and your shorty is right next to you, very romantic. Blessings to you Henry excellent job! saludo para Gi.

bxdiva119 ,

Henry The Third

When Aventura first come onto the scene I was in my late 20's. Here we are almost 20 years later now in my mid 40's and I must say Henry has always been my favorite since Generation Next. He has such a beautiful voice and was always considered the underdog because of his cousin. I'm so proud of Henry for stepping out of the shadows and defending his crown!!!!!!!! Third time is definitely the charm...track #5 is my favorite.....sigue pa'lante...doing it your way!

JAH from the Bronx!

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