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You're the MAN Trombone Man with all respecto


Dear Trombones J.P. Torres You are the trombone man I wish I had as a model trombone player when I was growing up in the 70's Your style of moving the grove to sometimes very difficult movements is estupendo. All the artist that enjoing Latino Jazz or Afro-Latin-Jazz or Caribbean Jazz, genres this trombonist blows the music style out of the water, Cuban music has its trombone player this is it, buy it and listen to the smooth slide of the bone at Latino, Cubano, afroJazz groove get you going. This is a really, good sound. Thanks trombone Man. Professional Musicians will greatfully enjoy this.



Really cool that this album is now available on Itunes. He is just the best latin trombone player in the world and his performance in this record is just amazing.

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