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Wow DELUHI is my second favorite band now. I cant call them the first because versailles my favorite and the bassist just died:( This CD really shows how great this band is. juri's vocals just keep getting better and better! They have also changed a lot if you compare vivid place, rebel sicks;shadow six, and shade. Leda also has his first really sick guitar solo in shade. Aggy and Sujk are still keeping the band going 3,000,000 miles an hour. Please buy (not on iTunes theyll send new jrock bands down the drain). The remake of two hurt is pretty impressive also. I'm excited for Matenro opera .>X<. Deluhi tour, one mand shibuya live o west and oeast, and finally 11.4 new mini-album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go DELUHI!!!!!!!!! I cant wait for 2010 deluhi might perform in US!



Awesome band. My all time favorite band. Love all the songs. DELUHI <3

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