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Melo-death from the frozen north


Everything Tuomas Saukonen touches is gold. This is no exception. If you love melodic death metal with a little black metal thrown in the mix, this is for you.

Melodic death metal at its best

Ocho cincho,

If you are metal fan this is a must have along with the 2 previous albums! Strong writing and composing with this band!

About Wolfheart

A melodic death metal outfit designed and directed by prolific Finnish metal-maker Tuomas Saukkonen, Wolfheart came to be in 2013 after Saukkonen officially closed the doors on his previous incarnations, Before the Dawn, Black Sun Aeon, Dawn of Solace, and RoutaSielu. Saukkonen went the one-man band route for the project's first outing, 2013's Spinefarm Records-issued Winterborn, but the following year saw Wolfheart grow into a proper band with the arrival of guitarist Mika Lammassaari (Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Mors Subita), bassist Lauri Silvonen (Bloodred Hourglass), and drummer Joonas Kauppinen (Disease of the Nation). That ensemble was responsible for 2015's critically acclaimed Shadow World, as well as 2017's Tyhjyys. ~ James Christopher Monger

    Lahti, Finland

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