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Clean Lyrics


Clean Lyrics

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3.4 out of 5
242 Ratings
242 Ratings
007 Aston Martin

Awesome movie, awesome soundtrack!

Spider-Man is the best I've seen since Christopher Reeve's Superman! The soundtrack is rockin! It all fit's extremely well with the movie. A must for all Spidey fans! The song Invisible Man was used on an episode of Smallville which is the story of DC Comics and Spider-Man best pal, Clark Kent in his early years before he becomes Superman. The song Somebody Else which is one of my personal favorites was going to be used as the theme song for Smallville! Great soundtrack! Kirsten Dunst is the best of all actresses! Mary Jane is her best role! I love you sweetheart! ROCK ON TOBEY MAGUIRE!!!!



i like the songs but i dont want to buy the album and waste $9.99 if i want one of the songs. the song i want is the areosmith version of the theme its so STUPID!


You think what you will

I know this will not convince anyone to acctually buy this album, but I feel like i owe it a 5 star rateing in anycase. If you even like the samples just a bit, i highly suggest it, there is no truly horrible song on this album, as well as a few that are amazing. It's very solid, and something i'm very glad i own.

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