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5.0 out of 5
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34 Ratings
AznMadness ,

Now this is REAL MUSIC!!!

This artist is simply alluring in his unique and soothing vocals. The whole album conveys a story / journey that you should partake by listening for yourself. The best part is that every song is never the same... each track adds its own flavor to the mix. Dave Moisan's style is folk-poppy with a mix of jazz and an added southern twist.

I don't usually pre-order albums, but I'm glad that I did! :) Completely worth it!!!

I could listen to his whole album on *repeat* during the longest rush hour traffic... and feel so calm, while jamming simultaneously without a care in the world! And yes, I have!

Leon Ramsey ,

Best CD I've heard in a while,

The music is diverse and because of that I'm guessing it will be appealing to a wide audience. It has a little bit of something for everyone and lots of surprises. The lyrics are smart and the vocals are strong. Dave's soulful delivery leaves you wanting more at the end of each song. My favorites were Down to the Felt, Lemonade and Mexico, all different and all command your attention...but really I liked all of the songs, which is rare for me...and the musicians are really good. The 27 Seconds cut was a fun surprise...The entire CD is a well-done arrangement with smart lyrics, outstanding music and great vocals and the brass adds a fullness that will surprise and delight you. This is the best CD I've heard in a while. It's sure to be a winner.

A Reviewer of Stuff ,

Do yourself a favor by listening to this album.

It pains me to realise how obscure this album is.
There is something on Ungravity for everyone - iTunes claims it's pop, but it blends/spans so many genres so well that I can't call it anything other than "really good music". I am in love with all of its tracks, which is something that I have never once been able to say about an artist/album until now. This is incredibly impressive considering that neither Dave Moisan nor his producer have made it big, which they really should have by now.
Everyone I've shared this album with has fallen in love with it. Do yourself and the people you associate with a favor and share it with them, too.
- a picky musicophile

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